New Food Tour - Let There Be Brunch!

December 13, 2018

You might already know that at Be McKinney we are big fans of food tours; which is why I was so excited to hear about Food Walks of Texas newest addition to their lineup, the “Let There Be Brunch”. This tour is 3 hours of tastings and treats for your Sunday Funday (currently, tours are on Sundays at 11:45 am). The "Let There Be Brunch" tour consists of 5 food tastings and 7 treats along the way - safe to say you will not leave hungry or empty handed! As with any good brunch, cocktails make an appearance at several stops (you can select with or without cocktails when you purchase your tickets). At each stop you get to hear from people closely connected to the food/treats you experience; learning about the inspiration behind the location or the story behind what makes the food so unique and adds to the city of McKinney.


We started the afternoon by meeting at The Pub and were greeted by our tour guide and founder of Food Walks of Texas, Lali Miles. Lali had mimosas waiting for us at the table so I knew we were in good hands and off to a great start! Since Let There Be Brunch gives you “treats” as part of the tour, we were also given a bag along with our name tags. If you miss trick-or-treating like I do, you will really enjoy this tour as you get to go to several food retailers throughout the square and collect your treats as you learn about what each business has to offer. The treats you get are both food and non-food items, so you’ll be able to enjoy your Let There Be Brunch experience long after the tour is over.



In addition to the Mimosas, we started our tour with a decadent tasting of Red Velvet Chicken & Waffles at The Pub as Lali gave us a rundown of what to expect for the afternoon. The first treat stop was just across the street at Savor; a patisserie full of Instagram-worthy French macarons. Another sweet spot for this candy lover was Mom and Popcorn with wall-to-wall confections and samples of their delicious popcorn flavors. I won’t spoil all the surprise treats for you; but you’ll want to keep your trick-or-treat bag handy and be ready to collect some goodies!


My favorite food tasting was at Sugarbacon, where we sampled…you guessed it…the Sugarbacon. The Sugarbacon is their smoked pork belly and ancho BBQ made from Heritage Breed pork (think the Waygu beef of the pork world). Herman, the manager, spent time with us explaining our tasting and gave us a sample of their refreshing holiday Sangria. As for the retailers, my favorite stop was Kitchenwares on the Square, I truly never realized how many unique items they have in the store. One of the tour participants picked up a present for herself and a friend while we were in Kitchenwares. As a bonus, you get coupons to take home for each location of the tour.


What I loved about this tour in particular is it focuses on more than just restaurants and includes other retailers on the square. Some of these stores I had never been in before, and I think the tour really helps to shine a light on even more of the wonderful local businesses we have in McKinney. Loco Cowpoke, for example, gets all of their items from Texas. That means any of the salsas, nut butters, soup mixes, and spices you see are made in the state of Texas and you get to support local businesses - everyone wins! If you need any gifts for friends and family, the stops on this tour will definitely help you with ideas; I started making a list while we were on the tour.


For me, food tours, beyond the food, are really about community, connection and story-telling and I found Let There Be Brunch encapsulated all of those things in the 3 hours we spent with Lali. My mom came with me on this tour, there was a couple on a date (what a great date idea!) and a group of friends celebrating birthdays - so the tour is great for any occasion. With the holidays around the corner this is a great option for out-of-town guests or just a fun group get-together. If you’re looking to maximize your food experience, cocktail experience and knowledge of many of the food retailers on the square, check out the Let There Be Brunch tour from Food Walks of Texas!


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