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Eat Well on Historic Downtown McKinney's Newest Food Tour

Earlier this month I had the chance to experience the Taste & See McKinney Tour, put on by We Ate Well Food Tours. This walking tour through the heart of Historic Downtown McKinney is the perfect combination of many of my favorite things: amazing local food, wine, fresh air and learning more about the city where I live!

I had never been on a food tour before but after this experience I have decided that it is something I will add to my list in every new city I visit. I'm hooked on food tours now! I mean, is there any better way to experience the best of a what city or town has to offer? You get to walk through town, guided by a local expert, sample the best dishes and drinks at a variety of restaurants, and learn cool cultural tidbits that you otherwise probably wouldn't know about.

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Our guide was Tricia, the founder of We Ate Well Food Tours. She was inspired to create a walking food tour after she experienced an unforgettable food tour herself during a girls' trip to the Caribbean. After years of dedication and planning, she made her dream happen in McKinney, her hometown. You can tell that Tricia really loves McKinney and has a passion to share its history, culture and food with everyone on her tour.

Since it was my first food tour adventure, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The whole group, there were about 10 of us, met outside of our first stop: Patina Green Home & Market. Tricia led a brief introduction where everyone in the group shared a food memory. I thought this was such a perfect way to set the tone and begin the tour! It created a sense of community among the group members, which is good because you spend the next 3 hours breaking bread with them. That's another thing I loved about being on the food tour… not only do you learn about McKinney, you get to meet and learn about the other people on the tour with you. It's truly a social experience.

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At each stop along the way, Tricia tells you about the restaurant/business and the food/drink you'll be sampling. As you indulge she is there to share interesting facts about the company, the food, and even the historic building you find yourself in. As you travel from place to place in downtown McKinney (it's an easy walk - less than 2 miles total over the 3 hours tour), Tricia points out different cultural aspects of the city including several of the amazing murals McKinney is home to. One of the murals she spoke about I have seen countless times before but never stopped to really look at the details and consider the symbolism. It's the one painted on the side of Cadillac Pizza Pub (another stop on the tour). I encourage you to listen closely as Tricia explains the meaning behind this particular mural - it's fascinating!

As for the samples on the tour, there was a nice variety and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and drinks we were served! To see a full list of the places you'll visit, click here. My personal top highlights from the tour were the samples from Patina Green and Landon Winery. At Patina Green we got to sample the sandwich that Food Network declared the best sandwich in Texas: Hickory Smoked Ham, Smoked Cheddar, Jalapeño Peach Jelly, Jalapeño Cheddar Loaf. I could literally eat this every day! And Landon Winery put on a wine tasting and pairing that was fantastic! 3 wines were served, with a different savory or sweet bite to accompany each flavor profile. The experience at Landon was excellent and the server explained each pairing, leading us through the tasting.

photo credit: We Ate Well Foud Tours

photo credit: Laura Potter Photography

Tricia has brought a welcomed new experience to McKinney with her food tours and I am excited to see what other options she will offer in the future. Dessert tour? Happy hour tour? The possibilities are endless! I will definitely add this to my list of entertainment options for out of town friends and family when they come to visit McKinney. I know they will enjoy the experience and it will give me a good excuse to do it all again!

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