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TUPPS Brewery Home to New Food Truck

If I had a McKinney culinary fantasy football team, my top draft picks would include TUPPS, Rye, and Lelo's Coffee. Well guess what guys, these heavy hitters of the McKinney food and drink scene are joining forces - coming very soon there will be a resident food truck at TUPPS Brewery, serving the best of Lelo's fresh roasted coffee and house favorites from Rye including their homemade ice cream!

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The Truck:

A massive beauty of a food truck - a long retro mint green trailer big enough to house 3 separate stations. (Coffee, Ice Cream, Hot Food.) Discovered in Colorado, restored in McKinney and about to be yet another reason to head to TUPPS Brewery with your family and friends.

The Food:

The grill portion of the food truck, Barley by Rye, will serve made-to-order dishes from the Rye team. Barley by Rye will start with delicious hot pressed sandwiches and expand from there to include favorites from the restaurant menu. Just like the restaurant, the menu here will rotate seasonally. You can expect to see their award winning Blazin' Beef Tacos (voted best tacos in McKinney) and the Hatch Chili Meatballs (which sell out every time Rye puts them on the menu).

The Coffee:

Lelo's Coffee is a specialty, single-origin coffee roaster located in the heart of McKinney, Texas. They are family owned and operated and specialize in high quality roasted-to-order coffee from all around the world. They will roast the beans for this coffee and espresso right in the truck, so expect heavenly smells wafting from the mint green monster!

photo courtesy of Lelo's

The Ice Cream:

Rye has been making their own ice cream since their reopening last year with fresh ingredients and lots of creativity! In addition to the classic standards that are good for kids and adults alike, they will also serve alcohol infused varieties such as Salted Jäger Caramel and TUPPS Full Grown Man ice cream.

The Beer:

To McKinney residents, and most of North Texas for that matter, TUPPS Brewery needs no introduction. With a dozen or more beers on tap, live music, weekend brewery tours, and special events happening every month, this is a great gathering spot in McKinney! TUPPS is a family business that has grown quickly thanks to their delicious craft beers. And as of September, you can now buy beer to go right from the brewery so you can bring home some TUPPS cans or a growler for later!

photo courtesy of Tupps

The TUPPS food truck will open in stages (with the Lelo's Coffee station expected to open soon), but you can expect it to be up and running this holiday season! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates along the way!

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