• Cassie

New Speakeasy Bar & Restaurant in McKinney

Shhh… we’ve got info on Room One Eleven...

When I heard there was a Speakeasy coming to downtown McKinney I was excited to learn more! I’ve done some digging and here's the scoop...

Room One Eleven (located at 111 E Virginia) promises to be McKinney’s newest late night hot spot. Expect this Speakeasy themed bar to ooze prohibition era vibes, overlooking no details. From the carefully curated glassware to the classic black and white 1920s films projected on the wall, Room One Eleven will bring a dose of sophistication and excitement to after-hours Historic Downtown McKinney.

“The parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser…” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald on the 1920s, The Great Gatsby

And of course, there will be prohibition era style cocktails. In addition to the classics such as the French 75, Old Fashioned and Sidecar, Room One Eleven’s mixologist will offer several original artisanal cocktails to choose from. You’ll need something to nosh on while sipping these libations so word is they’ve secured an executive chef, originally from Spain, to create a Tapas style menu. Shareable plates such as Bao pork steamed buns, Mussels with chorizo, and the likes will be offered.

You can expect to see Room One Eleven open this spring (think late March or early April). It will occupy the same space as Layered, but will transform to Room One Eleven in the evening hours. Enter through the secret door (disguised as a retro Coke machine). You’ll likely find me in the back room (previously the bakery) which will have been transformed into a sultry cozy lounge, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the vibes.

To prepare for the arrival of McKinney’s Speakeasy, brush up on your flapper lingo:

  • Dimbox: taxi

  • Duddling Up: getting dressed

  • Hooch: liquor

  • Munitions: makeup

  • Wurp: killjoy

  • Cat’s Meow: Something highly sought after

  • Cat’s Pajamas: Anything good, the best, the greatest

  • Alarm Clock: Chaperone

  • Bank’s Closed: No kissing

  • Handcuff: Engagement ring

  • Out on Parole: A person who has been divorced

So duddle up, flappers! Call the dimbox and let’s grab some hooch... no alarm clocks allowed.