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Where to get your REAL Christmas Tree in McKinney

Like many of you, growing up my family always had a real Christmas tree. I remember going to the tree lot with the fam to find "the best" tree every year and the amazing smell of the house when we first brought it inside. So I'm excited to tell you a little bit about a great family-run Christmas Tree lot in McKinney, Christmas Traditions. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a great special offer too!)


Family traditions have always made holidays more meaningful. 18 years ago, the Bell and Lane families began a new tradition by opening McKinney's first Christmas Tree lot. Their family owned business is truly about family. Steve Bell and Shawn Lane run Christmas Traditions - but the whole family gets involved in different aspects.

Christmas Traditions offers top notch customer service that you just can't find at the big box stores. The best part? After you pick "the tree"... you're done! Christmas Traditions has staff to handle all aspects of getting your tree in or on top of the car. The team will shake the tree to remove loose needles, bundle it and secure it to the top of your car. And if you want something even easier? They will deliver your tree straight to your home, for a fee.

This year the Christmas tree lot will have more than just trees - you'll find holiday yard art, wreathes, garland, local vendors for seasonal decorations and accessories, and even a Santa Claus! (Note, Santa will only be there on Saturdays and Sundays for the first three weeks.)


Turns out Willamette Valley produces more than outstanding Pinot Noir! All the fresh cut trees at Christmas Traditions come from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. They are grown on thousands of acres on a family owned Christmas Tree farm. The family has been growing Christmas Trees for more than 60 years.


  • Real Christmas Trees are grown on farms just like any other agricultural crop. To ensure a constant supply, Christmas Tree growers plant one to three new seedlings for every tree they harvest. On the other hand, artificial trees are a petroleum-based product manufactured primarily in Chinese factories. The average family uses an artificial tree for only 6 to 9 years before throwing it away, where it will remain in a landfill for centuries after disposal.

  • Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes.

  • While they're growing, Real Christmas Trees support life by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases and emitting fresh oxygen. The farms that grow Christmas Trees stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife while creating scenic green belts.

As they say, when it comes to Christmas Trees, KEEP IT REAL y'all!



Christmas Traditions opens their Christmas Tree lots on Friday 11/29 at 9:00 am. Their McKinney location is at 1301 S. Central Expressway (in between Eldorado and Virginia, just north of the Cinemark).

Christmas Traditions now also has locations in Allen and Frisco. For more information:

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