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New Food Tour - Craft Cocktails and Comfort Food

Craft Cocktails + Comfort Food + Downtown McKinney… could there be anything better to ease the weary soul on a Thursday evening? We Ate Well Food Tours hit the nail on the head with their newest tour offering.

Before you book, here are 3 things to know:

Boozy, not woozy.

You can expect enough cocktails to properly relax but don't worry, you won't be stumbling home. Over the 2 hour tour we enjoyed 3 craft cocktails from Harvest, Rye, and The Garage. (If not everyone in your group drinks, mocktails can be substituted.)

First up was the Rusty Barn from Harvest. Toby, the General Manager and Beverage Director explained the inspiration behind their version as he lit sprigs of rosemary on fire to infuse a hint of charred smoky rosemary. Although I usually don't order dark liquors, this cocktail was surprisingly smooth and is one I'll have again! It was a great way to start the tour for me because I tried (and liked) something I never would have ordered otherwise.

  • Texas bourbon / grapefruit juice / lemon bitters / rosemary & fennel honey simple syrup / dehydrated lemon wheel / burnt rosemary sprig

Rye featured their famed Giggle Water. Super light, refreshing, and easy to drink. I wouldn't mind a pitcher of these by the pool on a summer day!

  • Sobieski vodka / chareau / luxardo / lemon / grapefruit / mint

Last but certainly not least was the Honey, Please at McKinney's newest cocktail bar, The Garage. Mixologist Will gave a demonstration of the preparation for this cocktail and we learned a few tricks of the trade. Their version includes a local cinnamon honey with differentiates it from a traditional Bees Knees cocktail.

  • Sipsmith Gin / Round Rock Orange Cinnamon / Freshly pressed Ginger / Lemon Juice

Yummy yummy full tummy

You won't need dinner (or dessert) afterwards. The comfort food tastings are generous enough to leave you satisfied at the end of the tour.

Although the menu may change from tour to tour, here are the comfort food tastings we indulged in:

  • Harvest - Collard greens with cornbread and an optional side of spicy pepper vinegar, infused in house.

  • Rye - Pink peppercorn cacio e pepe (handmade yolk pasta with a grana padano cheese sauce) topped with local micro greens and fried shallots.

  • The Garage - Bruschetta and House Meatloaf Comfort Cup.

  • Emporium Pies - Smooth Operator: silky sweet smooth french chocolate pie on a salty pretzel crust.

Look at me, VIP

Channel your inner foodie VIP as you chat with the head chefs, mixologists and owners at some of Downtown McKinney's hottest spots.

Dine at a special table right where the magic happens inside the kitchen at Harvest. Interact with Harvest Head Chef Andrea, Rye Owner Tanner, and The Garage Bar Manager Will as they present the dishes and drinks and share the inspiration behind the tastings on the tour.

Personal favorite bites and sips

Bite: Caccio e peppe, Rye

Sip: Honey, Please, The Garage

Useful information

Where: Downtown McKinney

When: Thursdays 5-7

Cost: $70/ticket

Click here for more info and to reserve your date

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