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Meet McKinney: Ballemarina

I have wanted to share this hidden gem with you for a while and I'm so excited to finally get to it! Ballemarina is a youth dance studio located right off the square in Historic Downtown McKinney. The main instructor, Marina, gives ballet lessons to children ages 3-10 and she is what makes this place shine. Make sure to scroll to the end for an exclusive Be McKinney offer for new ballet students!

I love meeting people who are passionate and you can tell right away that Marina is passionate about the mission of her studio. Ballemarina is not only a place for young children to learn the forms and movements of ballet, it is also a place for kids to learn so many important skills (self confidence, listening, teamwork, etc) in a nurturing and encouraging environment.

One of the ways Marina achieves this is that she keeps the class sizes VERY small, averaging 3-5 students per class. This allows for more individual attention as well as bonding and friendships to form among the whole class. I can say from personal experience that for children who are easily intimidated or wary of new environments, there's no better place to get started with ballet.

My 5 year old daughter was one of the first students at Ballemarina, and has been taking lessons there for about a year and a half. The progress she has made is more than I could have expected - both in her confidence and also in her coordination and ability with the technical movements. I recommend her ballet classes to all parents I know and I'm happy to share this with you all too!

In addition to the amazing instructor (which in my humble opinion is the most important thing), the location is also great! It's an in-home studio 1 block away from the McKinney square. You have the option to sit in the waiting area outside the studio room or swing on the lovely front porch swing, but I always prefer to explore the square for 45 minutes during class. It's the right amount of time to grab a coffee (or something stronger at The Yard which is about 15 steps away). You can check out the sidewalk sales or grab dinner ingredients at Local Yocal or Jose's Hamm's butcher shops. The possibilities are endless! (OK… not "endless". It's only 45 minutes. But you get the point!) Scroll to the bottom for an exclusive sign up offer for new students!

About Marina

Marina's love for dance began in Los Angeles, California where she grew up. From a young age Marina studied and trained in a variety of dance styles, though her specialty is ballet. Dance has always meant so much to Marina, she even still has some of her childhood ballet costumes and shoes. After an exciting stint as the Entertainment Host on a Carnival Cruise ship, Marina moved Texas in 2014.

Locally she has gained experience as a youth dance instructor as well as a nanny to young children. Her professional experience with children, loving nature, and artistic creativity all led Marina to follow her dream of opening her own ballet studio for young children in Historic Downtown McKinney in January 2018.


Since Marina has a very calming presence, it came as no surprise to me when she announced she would be earning her yoga certification. After an intense 200 hour YTTC training program in Barcelona last year, Marina launched yoga lessons (for adults) as an additional class offered at Ballemarina. Click here to view more information on the Hatha Yoga lessons offered.

Princess / Ballerina Parties

Last, but not least, Marina hosts Princess or Ballerina Parties at her home studio. My daughter attended one of her friend's birthdays there last year and it was so stinking cute! All the little girls got to choose princess dresses to wear and they had a little tea party with mini cupcakes. Marina led a couple activities like princess karaoke and the girls had a ball. And I'm sure the birthday girl's mom was pleased not to have to set it all up or clean anything up either! If you're interested in more information on the parties, contact Marina here.

Sign up Offer

Receive a ballet tutu gift with your first month's class purchase for youth ballet. Use code BEMCKINNEY. Click here to view pricing and to sign up. Offer good through September 15 for new students only.

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