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New restaurant on 380: Pancheros Mexican Grill

You guys, there is a new burrito place in McKinney and it’s definitely worth checking out! Pancheros Mexican Grill is quick, casual, and kid friendly. It’s their very first Texas location, right in the mix of the new development at 380/Hardin - yep, by the Costco and new Cinemark, and just one intersection away from the new Kroger.

I tend to be unimpressed by fast casual places but I want to share this one with you because it stands out! I have been twice already since it opened last week, and I drive further to go here rather that another burrito place that’s closer to where I live, because it’s THAT good.

OK, so what makes this place different? For me, there are 2 main things:

  • Fresh tortillas

  • Attention to flavors

The tortillas are SO GOOD at Pancheros. They have little balls of fresh dough that they press and cook on the flat top grill, on the spot, for each order. They’re soft and warm and delicious.

The second thing that makes this worth the extra drive for me is that the ingredients are super flavorful! Ha, I know that should be a given but in my experience it’s not always the case at a lot of fast casual spots. The green salsa here is spicy, the jalapeños are fresh, and the tofusada has amazing charred crispy sides that are smoky and perfect.

The last thing that I looooooove (and this is definitely my OCD side coming through) is how they use this little tool called "Bob the tool"… kind of like a spatula. But the important thing is that before they wrap up the burrito, they take “Bob the tool" and mix up all the ingredients inside the tortilla! So when the burrito is wrapped tight, all the ingredients are equally distributed in every bite. Trust me, this makes a difference!

I’m excited to have a new option to fulfill my Mexican fix while out running errands along the new 380 corridor. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, be sure to try the tofusada - it’s seriously delicious. And if you’re Texan through and through they have all the meat options too! Plus bowls, salads, their famous queso, guac and all the fixings.

When you find yourself in Pancheros, be sure to tag us in your pics with #bemckinney! I want to see your order and live vicariously through your tasty meal. And if you can snap your burrito standing straight up on the table, you win bonus points!

While this is a sponsored post by Pancheros Mexican Grill, please know that all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views and experiences.

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