• Cassie

Exit Plan - Escape if You Can!

I’m far from what you would call an adrenaline junkie. I once had to stop "roller coaster" (actually a tiny kids carnival ride) so I could get off. Sad, but true. So being locked in a room and not being able to get out until we find the right clues made me feel claustrophobic, just thinking about it. BUT I WAS WRONG. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go do it again with a larger group of friends!

Exit Plan was one of the fun activities Megan and I did during our girls night Staycation this summer. It was my first time doing an escape room but will definitely not be my last. Exit Plan currently has 3 different rooms to choose from. We did the "Safe House" room and got to play espionnage for an hour. The premise is: You are part of an elite asset recovery team. A key Agency asset, a Russian spy turned by the United States Government, has gone missing. Given his access to Secure Compartmentalized Information, his recovery is paramount to national security. You have 1 hour to search the Agency safe house, his last known location, ascertain his whereabouts and report back to Command.

I’m not allowed to give any more details or clues and we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the room. (sorry guys, you have to figure it all out for yourself!) It’s a race against the clock to try to find the hidden clues and piece together the puzzle in order to diffuse the bomb in time. The fastest groups get a coveted spot on the leaderboard in the entryway. And no, not everyone solves the mystery before time is up! Our group didn’t… womp, womp.

Now if you are the type loves an adrenaline rush, consider Exit Plan's newest room, "S3r1al". It recently opened and promises to challenge even the toughest escape room participant. You will be shackled and experience a brief period of total darkness in this room. (Ahhhhh!!!)

Overall, they have a room option for everyone: from kid friendly all the way to thrill seeker. It's a great way to jazz up a night out either with a date, for team building, when you have family in town, or with a group of friends. Since it's right on the square it lines up perfectly with a meal and drinks either before or after. We highly recommend Exit Plan - great customer service, and a really fun experience!

Learn more here: and use promo code SPOOKY_SEASON to get 25% off their newest, spookiest escape room S3RIAL now through the end of October 2018.

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