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GIVEAWAY - Wagyu Beef Bundle

Fire up the grill and get your steak knives ready, because we have an insanely delicious giveaway for you from Texas Craft Wagyu!

Enter to win a beef bundle, valued at $150, made up of 1.5 lbs Chuck Eye (two steaks), rounded off with Kabobs, Round steaks, ground beef and beef sausage.

Texas Craft Wagyu features intensely marbled Wagyu raised in North Texas, the same breed of cattle that becomes Japanese Kobe beef. They allow their cattle to grow slowly so each cut develops a unique flavor profile. From rich, buttery steaks, to meaty ribs and roasts. All their beef is dry aged 30 days, enhancing its tenderness and flavor. Texas Craft Wagyu is available only in small batches and offered exclusively in the DFW area.

Check out Chef Lance McWhorter's video on how to prepare the perfect steak:


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Giveaway rules

1. You must live in Collin County to enter to win.

2. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm Monday 10/1.

3. Winner will be drawn at random and announced Tuesday 10/2.

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