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New in downtown McKinney - Olive & Joe

Olive & Joe provides gourmet Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, and Locally Roasted Coffee

Downtown McKinney is the proud new home of the specialty shop, Olive & Joe. As its name implies, the shop sells gourmet olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and local coffee (among other food-centric specialties). Rebecca, the owner, is a self-proclaimed "serial entrepreneur" and McKinney is one of 3 locations for her store, the other two being Grapevine and Denton. Although she had recently toyed with the idea of sticking to just one store, when the opportunity came up to set up shop in downtown McKinney, Rebecca didn't hesitate. She says, "I used to live and work Downtown McKinney, and I think it embodies the all-American small town quaintness. Plus, there are some really cool and unique shops!"

Olive & Joe is sure to be a home chef's dream, with rows and rows of speciality infused olive oils and vinegars with the flavors ranging from familiar to unique. Patrons are invited to sample as many of the oils and vinegars as they would like and you can choose from different sized bottles to take home, depending on how much you need. After sampling a few, my favorite "traditional" olive oil flavors are A Taste of Tuscany - bold, rich, smooth; and Toasted Garlic - drizzle on avocado toast, use in a pesto recipe or on your caprese salad to kick up the garlic flavor. Rebecca agrees, saying that her favorite olive oil is "a toss up between our Fresh Garlic or Toasted Garlic (anything Garlic!)".

Being a small business owner herself, Rebecca goes out of her way to support "the little guy" whenever possible. Rather than sending in a bulk order for her supplies from a giant corporation, she spends hours each month reaching out to small olive oil farmers who are almost exclusively in the USA - California and Texas are the 2 most common locations for her oils. All of the coffee is also local, from Addison Coffee Roasters. They roast batches weekly for Olive & Joe, so you can be sure your coffee will be fragrant and fresh.

Although olive oil, vinegar, and coffee are the stars of the shop you can also find a wide variety of food and cooking related items , with some McKinney flare sprinkled in.

If you and your friends are foodies looking for a fun activity consider contacting Rebecca, who opens her shop to groups for private tastings. Olive & Joe plans to open the first weekend of September and will hold the following hours: M-Th 10-6, F-Sat 10-7, Sun 12-5.

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