• Megan

Yoga on the Square

YOGA. You know, that exercise involving calculated movements with breath and where one’s limberness is put to the test. Usually practiced in a dimly lit room with calming music and an instructor with a soothing voice. I’m not going to lie, yoga can be pretty intimidating especially when you picture that individual balancing their knees on their forearms with legs in the air (aka crow pose). But at the same time yoga can be very calming and makes you forget about the outside world for a bit. And that’s exactly what happened when Cassie and I joined a Vinyasa Flow class at North Texas Yoga (NTY) while on our McKinney staycation last month.

Yoga was our first stop of the day and since we’re both mommies to young kids we were looking forward to relieving some stress and soaking in the calmness. NTY is located right on the square above Me & Mrs. Jones boutique- same block as The Celt and Patina Green. The location is very convenient and lends to exploring the square with your classmates after a session. The studio itself is an intimate space with historic charm and great natural light. It’s pretty cool knowing you're practicing yoga in a building that’s over 100 years old. Laura, the director, was our instructor and you can tell she has created bonds with her regulars and really tries to cater class to her students' needs.

As I mentioned earlier, the class we signed up for was Vinyasa Flow which we found out upon arrival is one of the hardest classes NTY offers! Not gonna lie, it was pretty rough and the fact that the AC was purposefully turned off meant sweat was dripping all over my body. But hey, I look at it as a cleanse. I just felt sorry for the people sitting next to me at brunch after! Overall though the class was a fun challenge with a good mix of levels. There was a lady who was practicing at NTY for the first time, a few people who had to take breaks like I did and then a handful of individuals who could contort their body into positions I can’t even dream of! I recommend giving North Texas Yoga a try, there are classes for all levels and all walks of life. The atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is friendly and the workout is amazing.

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