• Megan

An introduction to Food Walks of Texas

Before you read this post there are two things you need to know. History fascinates me and I’m a little snobby when it comes to my food. With that being said, did you know we have a historic walking food tour in downtown McKinney!?

McKinney is one of the oldest towns in DFW, dating back to 1845. This fact alone gets me excited but then when I head downtown and can physically see the history in the buildings I get goosebumps. Downtown McKinney also has some of the best dining options in town. So mix that history with the yummy food and you’ve got my favorite hangout in McKinney, the historic downtown McKinney square. So naturally I was stoked to hear that there was a historic food tour coming to town. I had the pleasure of exploring this new tour firsthand last month. Let me take you on a journey into the excellence that is Food Walks of Texas.

Lali and Paul Miles are the lovely couple behind this new gem. These two have been in McKinney for over 20 years and have seen the great changes. They witnessed historic downtown turn into the thriving mecca it is today and they wanted to share its uniqueness in history and food with others. Food Walks of Texas is Lali’s dream coming to life and her husband, Tall Paul, is there to support her 100% down to even being the tour guide.

The tour starts in front of the Old Collin County Jail- you get a gold star if you can guess where that’s located! And from the moment the tour starts the fascinating history of this unique city of ours unfolds. I learned so much in just the first five minutes standing in front of that old jail that I couldn’t contain my excitement. I’m sure the group was tired of hearing me say “interesting” and “how cool” before we even got to the first food stop!

After the history introduction we were taken to Cadillac Pizza Pub where a reserved table and a gorgeous pizza pie was waiting for us. In my opinion Cadillac is the best pizza in town so after seeing this was our first stop I just knew this tour was going to be great. And I was not proven wrong! In the words of Tall Paul, he and his wife wanted to “orchestrate a food ballet”. They carefully choose each location (there are 6 of them) and made sure the order in which you visited them complimented each other and that the food you tried was top notch and pleased all ranges of taste buds. Now I won’t be going over every stop because then this post would be way too long. But you can see for yourself here all the locations included on the tour. I will tell you though that this tour is worth it!

I went to restaurants I had been to before and some I hadn’t, tried dishes and specialties that I wasn’t aware of and learned a whole lot about McKinney’s cool history while walking from place to place. The food was great, but to be honest with you the history lesson was even better! (Remember I’m a history nerd) Three weeks later and I’m still bringing up random facts to my husband or pointing out a building when we’re walking around the square. And I love the old photos Paul had with him! It was so fascinating to see the building that stands today and what it was over 100 years ago.

I could go on and on about how much I loved this tour! I highly recommend you go whether by yourself (you’ll meet other friendly McKinnians), as a couple or with a group of friends. Lali and Paul are great hosts with a ton of knowledge and willing to answer all your questions and take as many photos as you like. The food is yummy and you won’t walk away hungry that’s for sure! And extra bonus, you get coupons for free food and discounts at all the places on the tour. Go visit the Food Walks of Texas website today and book your tour. And with that I’ll just leave you with some photos to make you jealous...

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