• Cassie

Harvest's New Winter Cocktail Menu

Harvest debuts its new Winter cocktail menu today.

We will be heading directly to this staple on the square to try a brand new infused cocktail, made with just as much care as their exquisite menu options. Freshness is a priority at Harvest; their menu features organic, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients from farms and ranches in the area. Harvest's mixologists follow this philosophy as well, using fresh herbs and seasonal fruit to infuse and garnish their cocktails. Here is just a small preview of the newest releases from the bar at Harvest.

Market Mule

Vodka infused with fennel and blood orange, lemon juice, ginger beer, fennel frond, dried blood orange


Tequila infused with lemon peels, crème de violette, lemon, fresh pansy

Old Smuggler

Rum infused with oranges and luxardo cherries, angostura bitters, toasted orange peel

Lady Grey

Gin infused with earl grey tea, lavender, lemon, egg white, lavender sprig

As if the latest cocktails weren't exciting enough... there will be a handful of new items from the kitchen hitting the menu in a couple of weeks. We can't wait to see what chef Andrea has in store next for her hungry McKinney crowd. If you get to try a seasonal cocktail or menu item at Harvest, let us know what you think! And share your Harvest food and drink Instagram photos with us by tagging them with #bemckinney.

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