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New on the Square: Layered

Layered - Coffee, Bakery, Kitchen

Layered seems to be the perfect name for downtown McKinney's newest eatery - every aspect of the place is composed of layers, not fitting neatly into any one specific category. From their menu, to their aesthetic design choices, right down to what type of business Layered really is… none of these things can be explained in just one word.

Layered is a medley of restaurant (breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner), coffee shop and roastery, bakery and noted wedding cake designer, and event venue. On their soft opening lunch menu you will find a variety of options from hummus to a corned beef sandwich to a seared flat iron steak with chimichurri. There are wine bottles nestled in holes drilled into concrete walls, exposed brick peeking out from behind the coffee bar, throw back chairs, and ultra modern light fixtures hanging from the 117 year old historic building's original ceiling. It's unlike anything else McKinney already has on the square and its singularity is refreshing.

Click through the slideshow below to get a feel for the ambiance inside. ⤵️

Speaking of complexity, every menu item has impressed me with the attention to detail. The tortillas on the breakfast tacos are perfectly charred and come with just the right amount of cilantro. The chicken tacos have quality smoky roasted chicken and the pickled red onions give a bit of sharpness to each bite. The corned beef hash has delicate bites of potato and meat, and isn't overwhelmingly salty like it so often can be. Even their french fries aren't just plain fries… they're smoked and boy does the smoky flavor really come through!

The baked goods taste as fabulous as they look and even their espresso drinks take it to the next level with their custom stencil decorations on the foam. You can order a latte and be surprised with the clever image or phrase that comes out OR you can take matters into your own hands and download an app which allows you to upload your own image onto your (or your friend's) coffee. It's incredibly easy and adds only about 5 seconds max of extra time to the ordering process.

Considering the success they have enjoyed during their soft open, I am very excited to see what comes next for Layered! Their official grand opening event is Monday, January 15 from 6-9pm. If you're free, pop in and check it out. There will be wine and hors d'oeuvres to enjoy and the event will feature live entertainment from Goga Music. They will also be debuting their brand new dinner menu at the grand opening, so you will be able to order a full meal if you wish. After their grand opening event they will be open longer hours: Mon, Tues, Wed 7am-6pm, Th, Fri 7am-10pm, and Sat 8am-10pm. Sundays at Layered are for brunch with mimosas and additional menu options, including Eggs Benedict and Challah French Toast. Remember to tag your Layered photos with our hashtag #bemckinney - we'd love to see what treats you find!

Even more you can find at Layered:

Sela V mobile coffee bar - reserve for your next event! (Pronounced like "C'est la vie")

Cake decorating classes for adults or kids

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