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The answer to our parenting dreams- Hat Creek Burger Company

Let me set a scene that unfortunately I’m all too familiar with. The work day is over and my husband and I have no energy to cook. So we decide that we’re actually feeling brave enough to take our rambunctious

3 year old and infant who’s bedtime is 6 pm out to dinner. Well just like we feared, our 3 year old is using the restaurant as his playground and the baby won’t stop crying unless you can figure out how to juggle holding her and eat your dinner at the same time. What should be the nice leisurely activity of dining out turns into more stress than it’s worth. This happens time and time again, preventing us from ever dining out unless we’re willing to pay for a sitter. Well, introducing our parenting solution- Hat Creek Burger Company!

This new fast-casual burger joint just opened its doors last month and it is already a go-to for me and my family. Why, you ask? Because we can dine out with the kids and still have an enjoyable dinner. How, you ask? Thanks to the outdoor play area equipped with artificial grass, 2-story high slide, mini rock wall and large playscape. It also doesn’t hurt that the food is good and reasonably priced. As far as burgers are concerned I would say Hat Creek is somewhere in between a Square Burger and In and Out. You won’t be getting gourmet beef dressed up with fancy sauces and fried eggs, but you also won’t be getting super thin patties that can cook under a minute. Service is friendly and fast as well. You order at the counter and within 15 minutes or so an employee will be walking around calling out your name and offering to get you condiments, napkins, a refill, you name it.

Good food, fast and friendly service, a safe play area for the kids, what else does Hat Creek Burger need!? How about half off burgers every Tuesday starting at 5pm. Your family can now dine for cheap and not sacrifice quality. I will warn you though that if you’re there on half priced night the place can get a little crazy and the playground a little chaotic so plan to arrive right at 5 or expect to be in a line that’s out the door. Along with half-priced Tuesdays come $1 beer Thursday. That’s right, beer. Craft beer to be exact. Another reason why my husband and I love this place. You can sit back and relax after dinner with an ice cold beer (or wine) while the kids play until they drop. It almost feels like date night with the kids away from the table not bothering you and drinks in hand. And for those not old enough to play, like my littlest one, there’s enough entertainment from the kids running around to keep a baby occupied. And if the baby does cry it's not nearly as embarrassing as if you were at a restaurant since most the clientele at Hat Creek are families and can understand your pain.

All in all I highly recommend Hat Creek Burger Company for those families with young(er) ones who still can't sit through a nice long dinner out without getting bored or causing a scene. Burgers are yummy, I hear the milkshakes are great, the atmosphere is relaxed and clean and the staff is wonderful. Take your kids, let them safely run around (there's only one way in and out of the play area) and enjoy a drink with your spouse, you deserve it!

photo credit: @laura_potter_photography

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