• Megan

Weekend Goals

Ever drive past the gorgeous historic homes on your way to the square and wonder what they look like inside? I certainly do! All that unique charm on the outside must only mean the inside is to die for. I’m so obsessed with these houses that I’ve even been known to take a detour home a time or two just so I can wind my way through the historic district and gawk at the beautiful structures. Well this weekend the wait is over and my year long love affair with the historic district will come to life during the Holiday Tour of Homes! For one weekend only an elite group of homes will open their doors to the public so we can take in their grandness and holiday splendor. Some of these homes date back to the 1890s, which the history nerd in me loves! Along with touring homes you can also have a special tea luncheon at The Pantry and attend the craft bazaar at Chestnut Square. All the details can be found here.

For those of you who don’t have the same obsession as me or just don’t want to trek to that side of town, I haven’t forgotten about you. Head over to A Bakery off Eldorado near Lake Forest. They are new to the bakery scene here in McKinney, opening beginning of this year, but they are already #1 on Yelp! Stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just dessert- you won’t be disappointed.

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Cheers to the weekend!

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