• Megan

Weekend Goals

Celebrate the end of North Texas Beer Week by supporting our local breweries this weekend. Tupps is a great hangout for adults and children and you could easily spend all Saturday there. Live music will be playing, a food truck will be serving up deliciousness, beers will be a plenty and the kids can run around out back. Make sure to arrive by 12:30 so you can catch the quick free tour.

Now if you’re the aspiring brewer looking for more depth then head over to Franconia for their 2 hour tour and tasting. The tour starts at 11am and costs $5. That $5 also gets you samples and the opportunity to hang around after and drink some beers. Since Franconia doesn’t have a taproom the tour is your only way in but well worth it.

If a brewery isn’t your scene then head downtown to Cadillac Pizza and take advantage of their pint nights happening every night until Sunday. The pizza is amazing, their patio is perfect and they also have live music. For more pint night details click here.

And if you’re downtown you can also check out the first ever Food Truck Saturdays being sponsored by My Favorite Room, a gorgeous home decor and interior design shop. Have fun bouncing around town and cheers to the weekend!

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