• Cassie

We Are McKinney - Brunch Fest

Brunch Fest at Tucker Hill happened on Saturday and it was glorious. A live band, lawn games, mimosas, local food vendors, and perfect weather set the scene for a fantastic event. Our only question is... when's the next one!?

Check out our top #bemckinney pics taken at Brunch Fest on Saturday, submitted by our followers. Make sure to be on the lookout for our Instagram posts calling you to action so you too can have a chance to be included in our next feature; all you have to do is tag your photos with #bemckinney.

Click the photos below to view the original photographer's Instagram page.

@chrishenkemusic is part of Kendra's elite Brunch Squad (oh, and go Buckeyes!)

@ajaandarya captured the lawn scene, packed with vendors and brunchers, taking a break to enjoy the live music

We want to be members in the @love041401 Brunch Club!

@hello_itshayley living the sweet life with boxes from the Dapper Doughnut

@jessicamercer83 (and so many others) made Brunch Fest a family affair

Check out our calendar for more exciting events coming up in McKinney!

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