• Megan

North Texas Giving Day 2017

Today is the big day, North Texas Giving Day! It's a day where all us North Texans band together to show our love and support for local charities by donating online or in person at one of the many events around DFW.

You've got all day to donate and you have thousands of charities to choose from; which if you're like me can mean you spend all day at the office reading about those different charities and trying to make a decision who to donate to instead of actually working.

To help narrow the playing field for you might I recommend you donate to a Collin County charity, and while you're at it make today a family giving day by heading over to Finch Park for the Collin County Giving Day Party in the Park.

I know we've all been in the giving spirit lately and have probably already donated time, resources and money to help our Texas family affected by Hurricane Harvey, but let's give it one more push and help our local charities big and small!

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