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Meet McKinney - Savor's Kelli Watts

Before her 30th birthday, Kelli Watts secured 3 locations for Savor Pâtisserie, which she started from the ground up. With pâtisseries (French for bakeries) already successful in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, she has decided on the historic McKinney square for her next stop, and we couldn't be more excited!

Although her mother is French, Kelli didn't have her first taste of a macaron until she was living in New York City, after graduating with a degree in design. Her first macaron was from Ladurée which, for those of you who aren't macaron connaisseurs, is like saying her first sip of champagne was Dom Perignon. Needless to say she fell in love and it became her personal mission to recreate the flavor on her own.

Kelli started with macaron recipes from Pinterest but the results never matched what she was trying to create. Kelli finally perfected her own recipe and started taking orders from family and friends for special occasions. After receiving more and more orders she decided to start selling her macarons at our beloved McKinney farmer's market. It was only 2 years ago that Kelli decided to take a risk. She quit her job in retail and put all her eggs in one basket to start Savor.

Kelli's macaron recipe, her commitment to fresh ingredients, and chic design were a winning combination for Savor Pâtisserie. The classic black and white design of her stores compliments the simplicity of French style and allows the beautiful, colorful macarons to shine.

When asked why she chose McKinney for her next store, Kelli talked about the different options they had considered, including Plano, Allen, and Frisco. When it came down to it, she saw great potential for her business in McKinney and has always been enamored by the charm of the square. Kelli mentioned how she loves the people in McKinney and because she started selling her macarons at the Chestnut Square farmers market before she ever opened a shop, she has a special place in her heart for our town.

Savor Pâtisserie offers 15 flavors daily, including Champagne, Honey, Lavender, Vanilla, and Coffee. A customer favorite is Salted Caramel and Kelli considers Pistachio to be their signature macaron. Unlike most bakeries, Savor uses real pistachios instead of pistachio paste or extract for these macarons. From time to time (often around holidays), they offer limited edition special flavors. For example, to celebrate their founder's 30th birthday they offered the flavors of some of her favorite things: Cabernet, Grapefruit, Circus Animal Cookie, and Reese's.

Savor even invites customers to get hands on with French macaron cooking classes. You can reserve a spot in a public class, or reserve the whole kitchen for a private group. The cooking class is BYOB and you get to go home with a box filled with different flavored macarons.

So next time you’re visiting the Square make sure to stop in and taste for yourself the deliciousness that is Savor Pâtisserie. As soon as they open in McKinney on September 16th, I'll be there to order a pistachio macaron. As the French would say, miam, miam! (yum yum!)

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