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Bros, Beef, and Brews at Steak 101

Friends, steak and beer. As a guy, it is pretty hard to top this trifecta. Throw in a witty Texan for entertainment and now you really have something special.

All of that came to fruition during a guys' afternoon out at the Steak 101 class hosted by Local Yocal’s Matt Hamilton in downtown McKinney. We had a group of four guys for the festivities. We were not 100% sure what to expect when we arrived. As we pulled up, good music was playing and the picnic tables out front were full. Our group came prepared, toting a cooler full of beer determined to take full advantage of the BYOB rules. After opening up some beers and getting an agreeable nod from our host we were off.

The Steak 101 class was broken down into three parts. The first part of the class is more informational in terms of the meat industry. Honestly, it was very interesting hearing what Matt had to say and it will really make you think about the food we put in our bodies. The second part of the class was in the cooler to see all the cuts of meat. Don’t be afraid to bring your beer with you; our host Matt made sure he had his!

After reviewing all the cuts, it was time for part three. It was time to grill up that meat! With the music playing, grill going, and beer flowing you feel like you are at a good friend’s backyard barbeque. As Matt cuts the steak on the cutting board step right up and get cha some. Each steak is perfectly grilled a medium rare and melts in your mouth. They grill every single cut of steak available in their shop, and this is an awesome way to try a little taste of each one.

This class was a ton of fun. Matt added a lot of humor to the class and kept things interesting. Whether it is a guys' afternoon out, couples, or something to show friends from out of town, all will enjoy this experience. By the end of the class we had a belly full of steak and an empty cooler by our side. We were four happy guys.

Local Yocal has everything McKinney could ask for in a local butcher shop - amazingly delicious and high quality cuts of fresh meat from local farms, bread from Empire Bakery, and a variety of other local items such as honey, nuts, salsas and more. The Steak 101 event is an added bonus that everyone in McKinney should try at least once!

*Local Yocal is starting up their class again at the end of this month- make sure to sign up!

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