• Megan

Harvest takes you on a classic summer vacation with a modern twist

Harvest Seasonal Kitchen, located on the McKinney Square, is always a new culinary adventure thanks to their seasonal menu and this summer’s menu didn’t disappoint. Filled with colorful plates to share, satisfying cocktails and Southern classics on overdrive; Harvest Seasonal Kitchen is a must visit during the hot summer months.

What initially drew me into Harvest was the beautiful front porch style entrance. Come on! What other restaurant welcomes you with wicker rocking chairs and bench swings? It totally takes me back to my Grandma’s front porch drinking ice tea in the hot summer breeze. Don’t worry, a few sips of this grapefruit-infused cocktail brings me back to adulthood in a hurry!

Just like the cocktails, the food here is also stunning We started with the deviled eggs and I know I shouldn’t publicly admit that they are better than my Grandma’s so I’ll just say, when you dine at Harvest this summer you better be ordering these masterpieces! (Side note: I’m obsessed with the fact that the eggs were served on a farm fresh egg carton)

If the drinks and appetizers weren’t yummy enough, just wait till you get to the dinner portion! The ribeye I ordered was juicy, delicious, and cooked perfectly. Some friends around me dined on hanger steak (cooked to a perfect medium rare!) and fall-of-the-bone ribs. Can you tell we’re Texans or what?! I may have tried a bite from everyone’s plate, but that’s normal right? Everything tasted so fresh and really lived up to Harvest’s farm-to-table concept. Then to top it all off, out come warm cookies and milk for dessert. Again, don’t let my Grandma know these beat hers but the soft gooey chocolate chip cookies are a must and are the perfect ending to a marvelous dining experience.

I really love how Harvest features a rotating seasonal menu highlighting local farms and ranches and this summer’s menu was really strong. Summer dining at Harvest brings you the southern classics that you come to expect at the annual family reunion but reinvents them in an exciting and modern way. And if you didn’t have the chance to make it to the lake this year, the cozy modern farmhouse atmosphere and delicious cocktails at Harvest create the perfect Southern summer get-away

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