Local Yocal BBQ & Grill- a must try!

One of my favorite things about McKinney is the historic charm that oozes from the Town Center and Mill Districts (aka Downtown & the area just east of the square). Another favorite is how McKinney business owners take these historic buildings and turn them into a beautiful mix of modern industrial meets vintage. That’s what you’ll get with the newly opened Local Yocal BBQ & Grill. Oh, and I should also mention that you’ll get amazing food with meats of the highest quality and craft cocktails that delight! Local Yocal is by no means a new player to the McKinney scene. Owner Matt Hamilton has been serving high-quality meats from his farm to market shop off the McKinney Square since 2010, and

Food Drive for Refugee Families arriving in Dallas

Fair & Square Imports, located in downtown McKinney, will be collecting food items through Monday, January 28 for refugee families arriving in Dallas. This week refugee families from Afghanistan, Congo and Myanmar are coming to the DFW area to establish their new homes. However, due to the government shutdown, food assistance for these families cannot be processed and distributed. Fair & Square Imports is organizing a food drive to help bridge this gap. The food will be distributed by Being Deliberate, a local organization that provides support to refugees and asylees. Below is a list of items to purchase and drop off at Fair & Square Imports, which is also available HERE. FRESH VEGGIES onio

McKinney on the Rise- what to look forward to in 2019

There's no doubt about it, McKinney is on the rise and it doesn't look like we're slowing down! 2018 was a year of development, with the opening of 380 Commons (the Costco shopping center), expansion of downtown McKinney and new strip centers opening on every corner. It gets me so excited thinking about all the new businesses making McKinney home! Here are a few openings we're looking forward to in 2019. Restaurants Santorini Greek Grill- opening Jan/Feb- off El Dorado, near Stonebridge Menu items include hummus, Tzatziki, gyro sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps, burgers and kabobs. Chicken Salad Chick- opening Feb/March- in Costco shopping center off 380 & Hardin Features a variety of chicken

New Food Tour - Craft Cocktails and Comfort Food

Craft Cocktails + Comfort Food + Downtown McKinney… could there be anything better to ease the weary soul on a Thursday evening? We Ate Well Food Tours hit the nail on the head with their newest tour offering. Before you book, here are 3 things to know: Boozy, not woozy. You can expect enough cocktails to properly relax but don't worry, you won't be stumbling home. Over the 2 hour tour we enjoyed 3 craft cocktails from Harvest, Rye, and The Garage. (If not everyone in your group drinks, mocktails can be substituted.) First up was the Rusty Barn from Harvest. Toby, the General Manager and Beverage Director explained the inspiration behind their version as he lit sprigs of rosemary on fire to